Question 1: How to pick up the goods from lucca light EU warehouse?

Answer:  The fast,friendly,efficient pick up process as bellow:

A. Picking up the goods by yourself at four steps

4. goods collection

1. place order with luccalight

2.schedule a pick-up

3. transport with express(TNT/DPD/Schanker..)


Add: Floor 3-7, Building 6, Kangsheng Industrial Park, No. 17 Kanglong 3rd Road, Henglan Town, Zhongshan City

Tel: +86-020-22358806


B. Door to door service at three steps

1. place order with luccalight

2. selected proper express(TNT/DPD/Schencker)/Truck

3. goods delivery in your hands


Question 2: How long for the goods delivery from luccalight EU warehouse to our company?

Answer: We provide two kinds of delivery

By express: It needs 2-5 working days from Prague to your company. We will use Schenker if you don't ask us special delivery and there is one time delay within 100 times to 1000 times. So that If you have very urgent&key order . Pls use DHL or UPS express.

Answer :It takes 3-7 working days from Prague to your company, and We need prepare 1 days If you choose by truck . So that by truck needs 4-8 working days at least.

Question 3: How to tracking your goods?

Answer: Click the logo for Tracking

Question 4: Where is the pick up address for luccalight EU warehouse?


Address:Tiskařská 563/6

108 00 Praha 10

Česká republika / Czech Republic

Question 5: How to order the led lights stocks from luccalight EU warerhouse?

Answer: Place your order to Email info@luccalight.com our sales-representative will follow up your order in full process. And please contact with for goods pick up

Question 6: what is the MOQ request from lucca light EU warehouse?

Answer: MOQ is 1 carton for each items,for sampling order please order at least one carton for testing. For form big order we will use EU standard pallet to shipping the goods in case any damage during the transport

Question 7: Does lucca light EU warehouse can provide OEM service?

Answer: All the lucca light EU warehouse stock products with neutral package, we can provide OEM service from our EU warehouse. We can branded your request brand under authorization in our EU warehouse. And delivery the goods from our EU warehouse to your company with your brand.