LUCCA’s mission

Devoted to the exploration of the frontiers of LED lighting.      

Supply the LED lighting and push the LED lighting idea to the public.

Always focus on improving the LED lighting technology.

Build the best system for the employee to fight for and to realize the value of life.

LUCCA’s principal

To customer: a win-win cooperation and to develop together

To employee: provide job training to realize the value of life

To society: to protect the environment by pushing LED lighting

LUCCA LIGHT CO., LTD always focusing on the research, production and sale for LED lighting, owning the product of brand "LUCCA" .

The basic principle is to develop by improving technology providing the

high-quality,high power, long lifespan and LED lighting products to our customers.

Sticks to the brand idea of implementing the advanced and modernized management method to produce the high technology electronic products.

The six main points we are trying to get via good management is talents, management, quality, culture, image and service. All the employee is working together to greatly improve our brand value and also to cultivate talents.

Extremely scarce in today’s energy, environment deteriorating conditions, we sincerely invite friends to join us, the development of LED lighting. Save more energy for the community, save more money for green, as a contribution to the cause of human lighting power.


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